Innovation needs protections

Patent means monopoly. And monopoly means pricing. Clear, economic correlations are often far more complex, and cannot be broken down into such simple formulas. Our focus is always to understand the technology of our client in depth, and turn it into enforceable property rights.
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Fascination Technique

This deep understanding of the technology of our client, down to the last detail, is to us a prerequisite for a durable property right. In our practice, we therefore think it is also important to consult with the inventor or inventors. Given a retrospective view of a development process that lasts for at least several months, essential thoughts or knowledge which at the end of the day might be crucial to an enforceable patent might otherwise be overlooked.

Commitment, not just a case, is our credo!

Fact box:

  • Novelty and inventive step
  • Objective examination
  • No grace period
  • Third party’s oppositions possible
  • 20 years duration from day of application


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