Perfect in shape

A registered design or design is the outward appearance of an object. The shape, color and pattern are critical, and determine the protective scope. An attractive design for a product can be key to sales success. It must be a feast for the eyes, as the saying so aptly goes.
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Emotion in Appearance

Particularly in the case of imitations, a design can prove to be an effective method for taking action against the imitator. Given a technical object that can simultaneously also be covered by a patent or utility model, multiple protection can be achieved both as relates to the exterior design as determined by the shape and color, and from an abstract technical standpoint.

Fact box:

  • An example for the form of appearance
  • Novelty and individual character required
  • Scope of protection covers designs with the same general impression
  • Grace period of 12 months
  • 5 years duration, renewable four times for five years

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