Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Alexander Schmon

Autor und Co-Autor von Publikationen auf den Gebieten der Metallphysik, Thermophysik und Experimentalphysik.

Liste der Publikationen

1. A. Schmon; H. Reschab; T. Hüpf; J. Rattenberger; G. Pottlacher 
„Thermophysical characteristics of CuMnNi alloys in the temperature range from 1000 K to 1900 K" – High Temperatures, High Pressures. 40, 3-4, p. 291-300, (2011).


2. G. Pottlacher; K. Aziz; A. Schmon
"Thermophysical characteristics of liquid metals and alloys at TU Graz: a status report" - High Temperatures, High Pressures. 43, 5, p. 377-394, (2012)


3. G. Pottlacher; A. Schmon; K. Aziz
"Investigation of liquid metallic elements and alloys by means of containerless techniques" - Journees Annuelles De La SF2M 2012, Materiaux & Techniques. 100, p. 1-9, (2012)


4. K. Aziz; A. Schmon; G. Pottlacher
"Measurement of surface tension of liquid copper by means of electromagnetic levitation" - High Temperatures, High Pressures. 43, p. 193-200, (2014)

5. A. Schmon; K. Aziz; G. Pottlacher

"Density determination of liquid copper and liquid nickel by means of fast resistive pulse heating and electromagnetic levitation" - Metallurgical and Materials Transactions / A., 46, p. 2674-2679, (2015)


6. K. Aziz; A. Schmon; G. Pottlacher
"Measurement of surface tension of liquid nickel by the oscillating drop technique" - High Temperatures, High Pressures. 44, p. 475-481, (2015)


7. A. Schmon; K. Aziz; M. Luckabauer; G. Pottlacher
"Thermophysical properties of Manganin (Cu86Mn12Ni2) in the solid and liquid state" - International Journal of Thermophysics. 36, p. 1618-1626, (2015)


8. K. Aziz; A. Schmon; E. Kaschnitz; J. Rattenberger; G. Pottlacher
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